Here are some general tips when it comes to Olive Oil:

Always store your olive oil in a cool dry place.

Some people prefer to store their olive oil in the refrigerator.

Keep your olive oil out of light.

Try to buy olive oil that comes in non-clear containers or bottles.

When buying olive oil, choose a bottle from the back of the shelf as it would not have been exposed to light.

Olive oil generally burns and smokes at high temperatures so be sure to adjust your heat.

You get what you pay for. OK we all know the saying, but this is especially true when it comes to olive oil. If you want cheap tasting olive oil then go ahead and pay that low price at your local dollar store.

Olive oil can be costly so don’t be afraid to hold an olive oil party where you can invite friends and family to sample they olive oils. This is surprisingly becoming very popular.

You can put olive oil on your lips if they are dry or chapped.

To soothe and soften your entire body, including your hair, put some olive oil in your bath water.